Affordable Car Tyre Repair Services In Melbourne

Punctured Tyres are daunting and getting an expert mechanic to repair flat tyres perfectly always may seem difficult but not anymore. RK Tyres is an industry-leading tyre examination and repair services in Melbourne renowned for tyre maintenance services, and pay detailed attention to the key car tyre services. It is important to determine whether just a car tyre repair is to be performed or a complete replacement of the tyre is necessary and can be performed only by specialist mechanics with expertise in automotive services.

Car Tyre Repair Services

What Are The Different Car Tyre Repair Requirements In Melbourne?

Prior to repairing a car tyre, the mechanic checks for the tread, as well as for any internal damages. The following are the major categories by which RK Tyres suggests a car tyre repair service:

  • A Proper Check For Sealing Small Punctures Using Tyre sealants
    RK Tyres suggest the use of tyre sealants for cars as a means only to help you out in an emergency situation. Tyre sealants are huge, but a temporary solution to seal tiny punctures. While making use of a tire inflator, it is necessary to take all safety precautions such as those that are essential while changing a flat tyre of your car.
  • An Option For The Re-tread Of Car Tyres
    RK Tyres ensure that your car tyres have required tread depth. This is a low-cost option instead of replacement but if the car tyres are worn to the tread-wear factors, they require a replacement to be done. This can be a quick-fix for your passenger car but is nowadays most commonly used for trucks and heavy vehicles.
  • Spare tyres To The Rescue
    Almost all the cars have a spare tyre which is a great replacement option while your car’s original tyre blows. Studies show that around 25 per cent of the new cars come with space savers. Space savers will provide you with sufficient time to get to a dealer for a tyre replacement. It is just that it is not a safe option for driving around with space-savers for considerably longer times.
  • Checking Of Sidewall Conditions
    RK Tyres examine for any cuts or bulges to determine how serious the damage is. Additionally, a proper check of the car’s wheel alignment is carried out along with the wear on any sides of the wheels.

Why Choose RK Tyres For All Your Car Tyre Repair Services In Melbourne?

RK Tyres ensure car tyre services based on manufacturer’s recommendations. Before repair or replacement, we perform a detailed examination to make sure that our entire repair processes to a run-flat tyre are always in accordance to the Australian Tyre Standard, as well as the tyre manufacturer’s recommendations. We remove all punctured or damaged tyres first from the wheel for internal and external examination to ensure there is no hidden secondary damage which may later cause tyre failure. Also, RK Tyres does a careful evaluation of the suitability | of your car tyre’s casing before proceeding to start off with the repair.

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RK Tyres make use of high-quality tyre fitting and balancing equipment, even when we perform mobile car tyre repair services. Our car tyre services are time-saving and budget-friendly, and a hassle-free solution, altogether. We have our expert mechanics approach you a call away to fix your car’s flat and punctured tyres instantly anywhere you are in Melbourne. Book your free appointment with us today on 0403 219 182 to get your car tyres repaired and serviced quickly. You can also mail us at Grab your free quote today!


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